What you all have been waiting for! Sonic World! its here and it wants you to download it! if i can trust you,you might become a moderator! down below are gunna be the steps in order to get on my game

 STEP 1:Ok,what you must do 1st is download Hamachi,which i will provide the link


STEP 2:now that youve downloaded and installed hamachi,open it and click the power button thats on it.after that Click on network,and select join an existing network.the server for my game is SonicWorldServer.there is no Password for it so just leave it blank.

                       NOTE:the server might be down on weekdays and 12 AM o the weekends

STEP 3:ok what you do is download my game's client from here(no install).after you are done d/L the game,open the file and then go to the file that says server,and launch the server.exe . then go to the file called client.Launch the Sonic World.exe file and register an account.then you are good to go!

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