This section isnt part of the actual game.this is just fun stuff for the users to enjoy.Sonic World will have its own Page.


here's a joke:ok there are 3 convicts.a black guy,a white guy,and a mexican.they decide yo break out of jail.the black guy trips over a rock and a guard go's:WHOS OUT THERE! the guy meows.the black guy signals the white guy to come but he trips over the same rock as the black guy.a guard go's:WHOS OUT THERE! the white guy meows.then both of the convicts signals the mexican,but of course he triped over the rock,and guard gos: WHO THE HELL IS OUT THERE!!!

mexican says "EL GATO!!!!"



star_lite_zone.mid star_lite_zone.mid
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miniboss_sonic_2.mid miniboss_sonic_2.mid
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